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Sofiya Uryvayeva



In 2014, due to Sofiya Uryvayeva's superlative achievements in the music field, the State Department of the US government granted her American citizenship, a rare privilege reserved for individuals of extraordinary ability, recognizing these honorees as “the best of the best” in their field of endeavor.

Sofiya Uryvayeva was born in Siberia into a musical family. She graduated from the Odessa Stolyarsky Music School for highly talented children. While in Germany, she earned both Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in music performance. Her American debut at the Steinway Gallery in Miami was filmed and broadcast on nationwide television.

Sofiya's YouTube channel has become very popular in promoting classical music around the world, with more than 40 current videos of her live performances. The channel has already attracted an audience of over one million views from all over the world. Modern composers from all over the world have dedicated their music to her, and she has performed numerous world premiers.

Sofiya is a dazzling virtuoso concert pianist. She is also a master piano teacher who is able to instill in her students a special sense of musicality and brilliance of technique that can come only from studying with a performer at her unique level of achievement. Besides her numerous appearances in front of American audiences,

Sofiya has performed to acclaim throughout the world, including in Switzerland, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Italy, and Austria. Her concerts have been described by critics as “A festival for all the senses, for the soul and for life,” “A magic ride on the witch’s broom,” and “Brilliant technique with soul.”