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Kerry Stratton


Kerry Stratton is the Conductor and Music Director of the Toronto Concert Orchestra. He also serves as Conductor for a varied schedule of performances and recordings with a long list of European and international orchestras. In Toronto, he hosts a classical music radio show as a means to expand exposure, and is a very capable speaker as well. Stratton enjoys meeting and working with board members and donors.

He has pursued a modern, successful vision in his career. Stratton’s objectives include having his orchestras perform in many venues, many styles, and many configurations while presenting a repertoire that addresses the maximum number of constituencies. It is his belief that musical excellence can be found from the concert stage to the dance floor, and significant experience shows that this philosophy works.

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Francaix Reviews Conductor Kerry Stratton clearly loves this repertoire, and his well prepared, sympathetic performances are persuasive. He draws an enthusiastic, committed response from the “Georg Solti” Chamber Orchestra, which sounds at its best in the Symphonie. The Kamelien music is nearly as good...the sound is full, and vivid: the low divided strings in the Symphonie’s slow movement are clear and resonant.
-Stephen Francis Vasta is a New York-based conductor, coach, and journalist. Positive Feedback Exchange

The performances are technically assured. The youthful Georg Solti Chamber Orchestra (20 strong, at least on this release) provides sleek performances that are light on vibrato. Kerry Stratton is sympathetic to the music, phrasing gracefully and securing airy, transparent textures from his musicians.
-Barry Brenesal Fanfare Magazine May/June 2013

This is the first recording of the ballet as well as of the Botticelli piece, thus this disc is a must for Francaix fans. For those who have heard his music and like it, I recommend it highly as well. The string symphony has only been recorded three times previously, and since this disc collects almost all his music for string orchestra it is a valuable addition to the composer’s discography. I particularly applaud conductor Stratton for his enthusiasm for this music and foresight in getting it recorded. Lynn Rene Bayley Fanfare Magainze May/June 2013

Their musical presentations live up to Solti’s memory, as does this disc. The most prominent is the humility as they turn to musical works and the sensitive interpretation with which they approach Jean Francaix’s musical world. The Solti Chamber Orchestra adds a lot to the works and conductor Kerry Stratton alsp proves to be a master of contrasts and musical imagery.
-E. Kiss “Magyar Nemzet” Hungary’s largest daily newspaper May 8, 2013

Here, the delicately shaped phrasing goes hand in hand with a wonderful sense of transparency. Kudos to Kerry Stratton and GSCO, not only for some fine music making, but for uncovering some unknown treasures that might otherwise have been overlooked.
-Written by Richard Haskell, August 2013, Wholenote Magazine Published on 29 August 2013 Category: Modern and Contemporary

Kerry Stratton gets impressively athletic playing from the orchestra throughout. Elegant and controlled – a gem of a piece.
-MusicWeb International 2014





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