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Louise Brissette


Louise G.-Brissette was born in Quebec (Canada) in the city of Montreal in 1951.

She has been working for 35 years in various kinds of writing: libretto,  screenplay, essay, poetry, allegory.

She tries to analyse human being, and her thought leads us in the deepness of the soul.

During her teenager or as a young adult, she was an athlete. She
took part in two Canadian championships of gymnastic. At the
university one, their team won the gold medal.

Thus some of her writings are inspired from her sportive experience.  For example, she has given her screenplay entitled Behind the  curtain several scenes of dance, and she asks the characters of her  opera Lives and Passions to move a lot on the stage.

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"Louise G.-Brissette, from Repentigny, has dedicated eleven years of her life and over 12,000 hours of work to this masterpiece. "

- Hebdo Rive Nord – Arts and Entertainment – March 3, 2010

"Lives and Passions, through its depth, beauty and modernity, presents a tragedy on the ascendancy of the passions and its effects on its victims. Composer André Cormier and librettist Louise G.-Brissette want to share the results of their eleven years of work by staging six excepts from the complete opera, lasting about thirty minutes, which will be performed publically for the first time."

- Alain Beauchamp, L’Écrivain public, Thursday February 18, 2010 – Vol. 22



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