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Miquel Rodrigo


Holding the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree “Cum Laude” in the Orchestra and Band conducting of the Maastricht’s Conservatory of Music in Netherland, he began his carreer, becoming internationally recognized after winning the renowned “Golden Baton” award by WMC in Kerkrade (Holland) in 1993. Afterwards, he was awarded in different international competitions of orchestra conducting such as “Gregorz Fitelberg” in Poland or the “Hungarian TV Radio”, receiving in 1997 the award nomination “Henriette Hustinx” of Fine Arts by Limburg’s University.

In 1995, German and Dutch critics praised his brilliant debut against both the Limburg Symphony Orchestra and the "Deutsches Chamber Orchestra" in Frankfurt. In 1997 he was appointed chief of both the "Sinfonietta" Geleen city, like the Experimental Theatre "Bourgondie", and in 1998 he took over as Resident conductor of the “North Holland Philharmonic Orchestra” of Haarlem, orchestra associated with the "Royal National Ballet" where the association of this city press featured him as "The young conductor of the year ".
This multifaceted conductor has developed an intensive career including all types of styles and repertoires both in the Symphony field, Ballet field, “The Opera”, “Opera Rock”, “Operetta” and film music. He succeeded notably with the musical direction of operas such as “The bear” by William Walton”, the productions of “Renard” and “The Soldier’s Tale” by Stravinsky. Operettas such as “The Bat” by J.Strauss or Ballets such as “The Rite of Spring” by Stravinsky, “The Wonderful Mandarín” by Bartok or “The three cornered hat” by Manuel de Falla, conducting of outstanding formations in countries like Germany, Italy, Holland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Spain, the country where he conducted the symphony orchestras of cities like Valencia, Cordoba, Murcia, and Castilla-León among others.

In 2006, UNESCO-Valencia honored him for his contribution to the concert "UNESCO World Voice," which served as the closing event of the events commemorating the 60th anniversary of its creation. In 2007 "Jaume II el Just" Foundation located in Valencia city honored him with its highest honor of performing "Jaume II el Just" Philharmonic Orchestra at the Palacio de la Música in Valencia.
His numerous works conducting film music and musicals such as “Queen in Concert”, “Rock Opera in Concert”, “Hollywood in Concert”, and his direction of the premiere of the opera in Holland by the Greek composer Caliope Tsoupaki “Reis naar de Maan” based on Federico García Lorca’s manuscripts for the script of the movie “Trip to the Moon” drove “La Mostra de Valencia” to grant him with the Golden medal of the 28th edition of the said Festival together with the North–American Director Spike Lee. He holds this award among other conductors and composers such as Maurice Jarre, Bill Conti, Francis Lai or Michael Nyman.
Associated conductor of the Royal Air Forces Orchestra of Netherlands since 1997, as well as a collaborator of the Higher School of Music of the Basque Country “Musikene”, Miquel Rodrigo is currently a full professor of orchestra conducting, chamber music and head of orchestral studies’ department, as well as the conductor of both Symphonic Band and his wind orchestra “Sinfonietta” of Superior Conservatory of Music in the Aragón-Spain (CSMA).

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"Miguel Rodrigo stands out during his presentation with LSO"
Miquel Rodrigo, a name to remember, stood out performing the fourth symphony of Brahms, thanks to his great expressivity and communication with the orchestra, which were the best of the concert".
- Peter P. Graven, Limburgs Dagblad (Holland)

“The conductor, like a searchlight, led the LSO through the right path of the score. Rodrigo revealed himself as the true leader whose inspiration guides the orchestra but who still knows how to keep everything under control”.
-Gerard Sars, Limburgs Dagblad (Holland)

“The young spaniard radiated confidence.
He had the orchestra on the palm of his hands from the beginning till the end.
With his clear and very rhythmically precise gestures he conducted the orchestra on its way to give a brilliant performance”.
-Jos Frusch, Limburgs Dagblad, Maastricht (The Netherlands)

“Miquel Rodrigo presented a great version of Copland’s "El Salon Mexico", transforming its ten minutes into a big fiesta”.
- Víctor Rebullida, Heraldo de Aragón-Spain

“Miquel Rodrigo conducted the orchestra with attention to continuous contrasts, cared attacks and assembly of large orchestral group”.
- Francisco Javier Aguirre, Heraldo de Aragón-Spain

“The works offered were really interesting and very well executed following the orders of competent and expressive Miquel Rodrigo”.
- María José Cano, Diario Vasco-Spain

“Miquel Rodrigo was a revelation as a conductor;
He used all means possible, made an unconstrained but effective appearance and received a standing ovation after his brilliant performance”.
- E.L.Chavarri, Las Provincias, Valencia (Spain)

Rodrigo Lord and Master
”The audience also did not hide its appreciation of the young self-confident Spaniard. Rodrigo handled the baton with precision and transferred his feelings with authority to the orchestra”.
- John Hoenen, “De Limburger”, Maastricht (The Netherlands)





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