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Maria Parra


Maria Parra is a pianist, composer and founder of the Bouquet Festival in Tarragona (Spain). After studying at conservatories in Vilaseca and Tarragona, she completed her higher studies with honours. She perfected her methods in Paris under the supervision of professors from the Conservatoire Supérieur, such as Jacques Rouvier and Prisca Benoit, and then studied modern music and jazz at “Taller de Músics” in Barcelona. She possesses a Master Diploma in Spanish Music – received under the guidance of Alicia de Larrocha- from the Marshall Academy, created by Granados in Barcelona. She also took master classes taught by celebrated maestros, such Alexander Jenner, Josep Colom, Ricahrd Beirach, Leslie Howard, Barry Douglas and Dimitri Bashkirov.

She also developed her pedagogical activity in diverse Catalan institutions (conservatoires in Reus, Tarragona, Vilaseca and Taller de Músics), and she offered Master’s level classes in Germany. She has performed in numerous venues and festivals in Spain, as well as at various festivals in Europe (France, Italy, Austria and Germany).

As a composer, she conceived the theme “Tarragona’s Song”, which accompanies the images in the exhibition “Time-Lapse Tarragona”, envisioned by the photographer Pep Escoda as a way to promote the city.

She is the founder and director of the Bouquet Festival in Tarragona, which combines historical heritage, music and wine culture and aims to support young talent. This year she will start an other festival in Reus (Vermusic) with the same philosophy.

The release of her album “Rêverie” in late 2014 through the label Verso, and the backing of “La Quinta de Mahler” in Madrid, helped launch her career as a pianist, and her professional activity has been covered by both specialized press and almost all Spanish media. She has received excellent reviews in the magazines Ritmo, Hoy es Arte, El Arte de la Fuga and Scherzo, as well as at RNE (Spanish National Radio) and RTVE (Spanish National Television), among others. She was awarded the “Melómano de oro” (Golden melomano) by Melómano Magazine for the best recording of 2014.

She performed as a soloist with the Camera Musicae Orchestra, conducted by Tomàs Grau, at the celebration of its tenth anniversary.

Her latest release Mouvement is being the confirmation and recognition of this
pianist. She has been the Cover of RITMO magazine in January 2017.

Recently she was named honorary senator in Tarragona for her contributions to the culture sphere of the city. 
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The overall tone is feminine, uninhibited and committed to the composers. Parra gets imbued character and endorses the pieces, while at the same time with its careful technique remains true to the style of its creators”.
- 02/17/2017 - Opera World. Signed:Carlos Javier López

“We are dealing with a neat and elegant technique, with touches of dynamism and gallantry. Beautiful phrases and clear and correct rhythm.Thank you Maria, for this gift, thank you for your music that rejoices the soul and accelerates the heart”.
- 02/06/2017 - MELÓMANO. Signed:Alberto Oliver

“The sound of the pianist is slender but dictated of flesh, of reflections not exempt of sensuality”.
- 02/06/2017 - Revista SCHERZO. Arturo Reverter

“Life is movement, requires all our energies to face it with courage, solving their outs, overcoming our fears. It is evolution, overcoming.”…”Mouvement is also nature, that which silently with us without ask nothing in return, that nourishes us from the earth, we shake with its winds, we soaked with water and warms us with their fires”
- “MARIA PARRA: MUSIC ON MOTION” Signed: Gonzalo Pérez Chamorro 01/02/2017 - REVISTA RITMO

FALLA IS THE FIRE FOR ME Parra completes with ‘Mouvement’ an autobiographical diptych that has taken her from the infantile dreams of Schumann to the ‘Fantasy’ of Manuel de Falla. -11/27/2016 - Diario de Sevilla. Signed: Pablo J. Vayón

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