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Jacob Chi


Jacob Chi is Music Director of both the Pueblo Symphony and the Marquette Symphony. Read More


“Jacob Chi was the phenomenal conductor and Joseph Lin the ethereal violinist in a breathtaking account of “Butterfly Lovers’ Concerto” by Chen Gang and He Zhanhao.” 

“The incredible Chi extracted superb accompaniment from a wonderfully pliable Youth Orchestra. Chi inspired the musicians as he jumped up and down and waved his arms as if he were plunging a dagger. The standing ovation, from an audience reluctant to let the performers go, demanded bow after bow from the orchestra.” 
“Chi took the Youth Symphony in hand for a short Chinese “Dance of the Yao People” that made the music sound like a different orchestra. He drew out confidence from the players and they responded with a power punch.” (B. Ligon, El Paso Inc.) 

The second maestro Chi, charismatically draws from the orchestra all the power and moody nuance of Beethoven. He does this with such exuberant physicality that his conducting seems the vibrant performance of an aerobic ballet. (Pueblo Chieftain) 

The PSO’s success owes much to Chi’s immense capacity for communication, his rehearsal techniques, and his ability to yield himself totally to the work he conducts. (The Pueblo Ledger)



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