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David Handel


Acclaimed the world over, American conductor David Handel has achieved an extraordinary reputation as one of the most respected and innovative conductors of his generation. His international fame, imaginative programming and distinctive community approach fill halls wherever he conducts. 

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Maestro Handel is a ‘messiah’ for orchestra
The Miami Herald, Florida, USA

David Handel elevates El Paso Symphony Orchestra... Mesmerizing.... The postured Handel, who grew more animated with each movement, kept it on track, on time and on the spot ... you could sense an almost magical connection between the music, the musicians and the conductor. Not only did the crowd respond with a loud and long standing ovation, but the musicians applauded him at length, something I haven't seen in three years of covering their concerts.... By making those musicians sound as good and alive as they did, and in such convincing fashion, Handel has to have established himself as a very strong front-runner ...
El Paso Times, Texas, USA

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