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Beatriz Boizan


Considered “One of the brightest new lights in the classical world” (The Vancouver Sun), pianist Beatriz Boizán is admired for her vibrant personality, charismatic stage presence, unique musicianship and innate talent to deliver breathtakingly authentic innovative performances of Spanish and Latin American music, for which she has been encouraged by her teacher and mentor, Mme. Alicia de Larrocha.  Read More


One of the brightest new lights in the classical world
- The Vancouver Sun.

Boizan shares history through music in Penticton…If Beatriz Boizan had it her way, she would become the Beyonce or Madonna of the classical piano world. The Cuban-Canadian pianist has the charm and vibrant personality of a mega-superstar and her musicality isn’t too shabby either.
- Kristi Patton - Penticton Western News

Boizán has a powerful sound that she unveils at times when she’s not employing one of the cleanest staccato deliveries I’ve ever heard. Her line is pristine, notes perfectly separated. She is a player of power & wonderful stamina...her live performance is energized by an audience, the undeniable chemistry we feel in the presence of true charisma.
- Leslie Barcza - Feral piano: Beatriz Boizán

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