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Chiu Yu Chen


Chiu-Yu Chen is the first Taiwanese pianist to graduate with 2 doctoral diplomas (piano performance and chamber ensemble) from the Russian Gnesin Academy of Music in 2008. He studied with great pianist such like Boris Lvov, Maria Gambaryan, Victor Merzhanov, and Irina Anastasieva. He began his busy concert business when he was a student, performing in Russia, Italy, France, Germany and Finland.

In 2002, he performed “Prometheus” by A. Scriabin with the Tambov Symphonic Orchestra under the conducting by Dmitri Vasiliev. In September 2007 he held 5 concerts tribute to the 210’s anniversary of Schubert’s Birth in Finland (Kouvola, Imatra, Lapua, Savolinaa and Varkaus). In October 2007 he held 4 concerts tribute to the 50’s year of Sibelius’s death during the 90’s anniversary of Finnish Independency in Finland (Imatra, Varkaus, Lapua and Hyvinkaa). In March 2008, he held a concert tribute to the 115’s anniversary of Tchaikovsky’s death in Finland (Varkaus).

From September to October 2008, he held 9 concerts tribute to the 115’s anniversary of Tchaikovsky’s death in 9 cities of Taichung County. In April 2009, he held 4 concerts tribute to the school musical festival. In June 2009, invited by Taichung County Government, he held a piano festival in Taichung musical festival, giving lectures, master classes and concerts tribute to the Russian Piano School. During these years, Chiu-Yu also performed the Mother Day concert, Concert tribute to the Independence Day of Taiwan and a Concert tribute to the Taiwanese composers in Dajia, which is famous worldwide for the Goddess Matsu Holy Pilgrimage.

In April 2010 he held 4 concerts tribute to the 240’s anniversary of Beethoven’s Birth in Finland (Kotka, Kajaani, Varkaus, Rauma). In October this year he held a concert tribute to the great master of Taiwan –Chi Yuan Kuo (1921-), where he performed all the piano compositions by this great master.

Chiu Yu Chen is the first Taiwanese pianist to perform the complete piano compositions by Chih Yuan Kuo. From May to June 2011 he held 6 concerts in Taiwan. In these concerts he performed the complete piano works by Chih Yuan Kuo. In the following days, he collaborated with the Chih Yuan Kuo chamber chorus to hold a series concerts tribute to this great Taiwanese composer: in September 2011-2 concerts in Honolulu, from the September to December 2011-12 concerts in Taiwan, Chiu Yu Chen as a soloist, chamber performer and accompanist performed almost all the piano works, chamber ensemble works by Chih Yuan Kuo. They appeared in the most important concert halls (Art Center of the Portal District, Taichung City, The Art and Cultural Center of the Northern District, Maio Li County), universities (The National Tainan Pedagogical University, Tunghai University, Providence University, The National Hsin Chu Pedagogical University, Chang Jung Christian University )and churches of Taiwan and got successful acclamations.

In July 2011 Chiu Yu Chen appeared in the Buxton Festival as his debut in the U.K where the audience was for the first time introduced to the Taiwanese piano music.

Chiu Yu Chen continues to introduce the Taiwanese audience not only the Taiwanese music, but also the Finnish¸French and Russian music: in the seasons from September to December 2012 he held 7 concerts tribute Chih Yuan Kuo, Sibelius and the French Contemporary Music. He appeared in Pin Tong Art Hall, Yamaha Center Concert Hall, Kaohsiung Cultural Center, Yaun Lin Concert Hall, Concert Hall of Nan Tou Cultural Center, Concert Hall of Xinying Cultural Center, Tainan City, and The International Auditorium of Hsin Chu City and has received brilliant reviews.  Read More


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