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PEN Trio


The PEN Trio was established in 2010 by Nora Lewis, Phillip O. Paglialonga and Eric Van der Veer Varner to explore and expand the repertoire for the traditional Trio d’Anches. Read More


The ensemble gave a stunning performance, with really remarkable blend, precision, and artistry. The students I talked with commented on how impressed they were with both the virtuosity of the ensemble playing as well as the solo lines.
Bradley Wong, Professor of Clarinet and Coordinator of Graduate Studies, Western Michigan University

They brought all of their considerable personality and ability into our concerto to create a wonderfully moving and uplifting performance. The next time I am listening to them I will either be making or buying a recording!
M. Ross Baldwin, Cranbrook Music Guild

The PEN Trio played a wonderful concert at the University of South Carolina. Their ensemble was tight, yet their freedom of musical expression was not at all stifled. Their musicality was extremely tasteful collectively and individually. Each member's tone was beautifully focused with resonance and their intonation and blend were impeccable. It was truly a pleasure to host the group and hear them perform!
Joseph Eller, Associate Professor of Music, University of South Carolina

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