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Donald Yu


Donald Yu is a prolific and versatile composer whose music has been actively performed worldwide. His recent music is characterized by the blending of post-impressionistic gestures, micropolyphonic techniques, and Chinese colors. Hailed as a "taut new symphonic voice", his recordings on the Zimbel and Albany Records labels have earned rave reviews

in Fanfare Magazine, describing his works as “compelling”, “powerful” and “passionate”. An ASCAP Award recipient, Yu has received commissions from orchestras and choruses in Ukraine, Hong Kong and the US. He is co-director of the Hong Kong Institute of Education Orchestra and lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University. Read More


"Yu's style forms an arresting and personal intermixing of tonal and atonal languages, with the musical colors and gestures of his native country infiltrating the mix..."

"I recommend this disc most heartily to those who find themselves absorbed in the music of our time"

"Yu's orchestral textures show a highly skilled hand at work, and the dramatic thrust is palpable: here is a composer with something to say and the means to say it."
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