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Larry Groupe


Larry Groupé is one of the most talented and versatile composers working today in the entertainment industry. With an impressive musical résumé in film and television as well as the concert stage, his achievements have received both critical praise and popular acclaim. Read More


The Contender

The film challenges Groupé to create 13 meaningful compositions, and the soundtrack reveals the staggering fruits of this effort: elegiac, moving Americana that reveals Groupé to be a musical chameleon, constantly changing his style while still remaining at the top of his form. 
-The ScoreSheet

How sweet and moving it is! This is not a typical, stale score for a political film—this is music that captures the nobility of a leader. Groupé is a maestro who seems to capture all the right notes in his work. 

Groupé's score is noble, patriotic, and full of integrity, but never flashy...highlighted by a number of superb instrumental renditions in various cues. 
-Movie Music U.K.

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