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Valerio Fasoli


Born in Italy, Valerio Fasoli debuted at the age of nineteen as soloist with I Solisti Veneti di Claudio Scimone, playing the Vivaldi Concerto For Two Flutes together with his teacher Clementine Hoogendoorn Scimone. After this concert he started a long collaboration with this world-renown chamber orchestra where he could play with soloists such as Salvatore Accardo, Evgeny Kissin and Sir James Galway

In 2010, he founded the Accademia di Musica di Taggia, of which he is artistic director, one of the most active summer academies in Europe. 

In 2012, he founded the EnsembleSolisten chamber orchestra in Germany, of which he is conductor and artistic director, achieving critical success from the very first concert by the group. 

Valerio Fasoli is currently Professor of Flute at the Academy of Art Foundation in Como, Italy....Read More 


With three different flutes and amazing techniques Valerio Fasoli produced hot and ethereally beautiful tones and sounds.
- Stuttgarter Nachrichten -

Valerio Fasoli’s flute timbre being remarkably soft and sensuous complimented the sound layers.
- Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung -

Precise and experienced, convinced with a clear tone and balanced dynamic…..
The analysis of different styles was audibly effective; the increasing intensity, which reached from “stile galante” to impressionism and experimentalism, was convincingly traced….
Here, the strength of the musician was clearly demonstrated: the perceptible fascination for the New Music was linked saliently with the tradition....
- Reutlinger General Anzeiger – ....Read More


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