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Burning Gums


The Burning Gums is Ron Jackson-Guitar(USA), Norbert Marius-Bass(Hungary), Hiroyuki Matsuura-Drums and Percussion(Japan). Representing three continents Burning Gums is a fresh new color on the seemingly endless palette of jazz guitar bands. Read More


“Burning Gums” is also a trio setting. Jackson is joined here by Norbert Marius (bass) and Matsuura Hiroyuki (drums and percussion). Marius penned the opening track “Samba de Quejio.” It is a fine showcase for the trio as a whole, and Marius and Hiroyuki definitely keep it moving forward in solid fashion. “Killer Joe” and “So What” are two jazz classics included in the playlist. Jackson contributes “Excerpt of Tina III,” “Sacred Love,” “Going Bush” and “Park Slope.” His compositions are interesting and well developed. Bassist Marius adds “Mangrove Do Re Mi” and “Madras Parallel.” His bass lines are spot on and solid as a rock.

This CD combines elements of funk, swing, and latin styles. The trio definitely works well together and creates an interesting fifty three minutes of music together. Ron Jackson has a distinct sound and voice to offer and is well worth a listen.

September 19, 2011.

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