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Conrad Herwig


New York-based jazz trombonist Conrad Herwig is considered one of the world’s complete jazz musicians, atop both the performing and jazz educational fields with an abundance of composer and arranger credits, as well. He has performed and recorded with Miles Davis, Joe Henderson, Eddie Palmieri, Tito Puente, Frank Sinatra among many others. Read More


Herwig has the chops to make it work. As one of the best trombonists alive, you can count on him bringing plenty of fire to his performance. With a hard charging rhythm section of drummer Robby Ameen, conguero Pedro Martinez and veteran bassist Ruben Rodriguez keeping the Afro-Cuban beats ferocious, soloists Herwig, trumpeter Mike Rodriguez, pianist Bill O'Connell and saxophonist Craig Handy were given the chance to take lengthy solos, which showcased the skills of the players and raised the energy level, while at times possibly testing the patience of the listeners (such is the nature of the genre).

If Coltrane played trombone, this is what he would sound like! ...Herwig is a MASTER of the trombone. He uses the entire range of the horn, and rips out lines that would make saxophonists envious. His sense of melody and rhythm are unmatched.

For more than a decade, trombonist Conrad Herwig has created a highly identifiable niche in contemporary jazz...

Conrad Herwig's dazzling trombone chops and intelligent compositions make Unseen Universe, his third Criss Cross release, a stirring success. His sextet can maneuver around tight corners and yet attack with the force of a band twice its size.

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