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Susan Merdinger


Steinway Artist Susan Merdinger has been internationally acclaimed in prestigious newspapers and journals for her stunning performances. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung described her recital as a “daring, enormously joyous presentation which captured and transfixed the audience”. Fanfare Magazine (March/April 2014) declared that her “Carnival” CD was “exquisitely detailed and full of life”, likening her playing to that of legendary pianists Leonard Bernstein, Annie Fischer and Nadia Reisenberg. Several recent reviewers have compared her playing to that of the young Martha Argerich. Among her many honors, Merdinger is a First Prize Winner of the 2012 Bradshaw and Buono International Piano Competition, and the 2013 International Music Competition of France, and is a Winner of the Dewar’s Young Artists Award in Music, the Artists International Young Musicians Competition, the Artists International Alumni Winners Prize, the IBLA Grand Prize Competition “Special Liszt Award”, and the Masterplayers International Music Competition. She is also a laureate of the prestigious Harveys Leeds International Piano Competition, Montreal International Concours de Musique, William Kappell International Piano Competition and Murray Dranoff International Two Piano Competition. In 2014, Ms. Merdinger was awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals in the Global Music Awards for her CD’s French Fantasy, Carnival and Soirée, which have received glowing reviews in publications such as American Record Guide, Classical Sentinel, Audiophile Audition, Classical Candor and the Audio-Video Club of Atlanta. Merdinger’s current discography includes eight CD’s of solo piano, duo piano and chamber music on the Sheridan Music Studio label - all available on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon....Read More 


Susan Merdlinger Reviews 

"A genuinely honest virtuoso..." 
-Audiophile Audition 

"Ethereal and atmospheric performance" 
-American Record Guide 

"Excellent Pianist" 
-Robert Sherman, The New York Times 

"World-Class Pianist" 
-Highland Park News/Sun-Times Media 

"Merdinger casts her spell" 
“Certain passages simply run under her fingers as if the notes were being pulled out by some wonderful but invisible force beyond her control. I almost got the impression that, in some mysterious way, Schumann was being channeled through Merdinger: it’s that good.“ 
-Lynn Rene Bayley, Fanfare Magazine, April 2014....Read More


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